Push Up Palm Bra Set


Brief Size

How to measure


Wrap the measuring tape directly under your bust making sure it's parallel to the ground. this is critical because the tape measure isnt straight you will get an incorrect measurement. let exhale all the air from your lung making sure you get the smallest measurement possible.


Lean forward for 30 degrees, wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust ( usually over the nipple). This is best done while you’re wearing an unpadded bra.


Bra size shouldn't be a guessing game, with this guide, managing irregular bra cup sizes should be a breeze. and sore, achy breasts from ill-fitting bras will be the past.

68 - 72 70 32
73 - 77 75 34
78 - 82 80 36
83 - 87 85 38
88 - 92 90 40
  1. The difference between your upper bust and lower bust can determine your cup size.
7.5 - 10 CM B
10 - 12.5 CM C
12.5- 15 CM D


2. What is my cup size?


example: my bust measures 81cm and my underbust measures 70cm

my cup size would be 81cm - 70cm = 11 = C cup,  70C/32C



70L61 - 6783 - 93
75L61 - 6783 - 93
80XL67 - 7386 - 96
85XL67 - 7386 - 96
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this bra has an extremely strong gather effect (put on small bosom stand to rise 2 cups), excellent shaping effect (for external expansion of the auxiliary breast, droop are obvious)adjustment bra (long-term effective adjustment of imperfect chest type) under the thick top thin, the thickest place about 2CM, contains natural essential oil soft bead water bag.




  • the use of modern high-tech methods of innovation in the fabric into the fragrance soft bead water bag, and form a soft capsule on the fabric, this aromatherapy water bag contains natural essential oil, and when the human body is exercising, the soft beads will massage the chest automatically and send out a light fragrance, which has a unique effect of professional aromatherapy to regulate mood, nourish the breast and refresh the spirit, help poor development, pregnancy and lactation to restore fat hoarded, amke muscle fibers strong and firm, enhance muscle elasticity and promote blood circulation and make breasts smooth. stand tall, soft and moist.
  • suitable for those who need to gather, chest expansion, sagging, accessory breasts, and shape adjustment.


  • 3D memory cotton
  • memory steel ring
  • Push up level 2
  • Removable straps for multi-way strapping
  • Hook and eye fastening
  • 3/4 cup
  • trackless low-waisted briefs


Lining Fabric:

  • 87.8% Nylon, 12,2% Spandex

Flank Lining:

  • 72.9% Nylon, 27.1% Spandex


  • Hand wash in cold water using a gentle detergent
  • Avoid wringing them out or putting them in the dryer
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
  • Allow your bra to drip dry, using a towel to blot off any excess water, and laying the bra flat to dry naturally
  • When you hang up your bra to dry, don’t hang it by the shoulder straps as these can stretch from the weight of the wet garment. Instead, hang the bra so that the center gore (the middle part between the cups) hangs across the washing line.



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Push Up Palm Bra Set

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