Micisty It is a mainland brand owned by Hong Kong. Since its establishment, the brand has relied on the top international R & D technology and advanced marketing management team. On the basis of in-depth understanding of women’s physiological and psychological characteristics, they have refined their underwear. Dedicated to the discovery of the beauty of Oriental women.

Endow products with Aesthetic Concepts

Micisty-Pay attention to give aesthetic concept to the product, on the basis of accord with the ergonomics design, give different esthetic style and feminine charm to the product, enough to make every woman fall in love with one eye.

Determined industry benchmark

Micisty-We believe that strong scientific research, high quality products and perfect service will be the basis of the development of enterprises. Soon, Micisty- Mixudidi will become the benchmark of the industry and travel in the Shang Hai. Pilot the underwear industry!

Elaborate products for Oriental use

Micisty In order to give oriental women all-around physical and mental care Micisty- Mixuidi advocates nature, respects the ecology, takes the consumer’s demand as the guidance, unceasingly pursues the excellence, meticulously creates the underwear products suitable for the East people to use, Truly help oriental women to fully protect their physical and mental health.