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Founder Christine Chong whose passion lies in fashion and has always had an eye for the fashion trends.

Christine values quality of every single details of her own life. Pursuing the highest quality of clothing and lifestyle is her life goal. Her story of Mcluxes began by teaching down the darkest alley to find the highest quality of all ingredients and fabrics with her partner in 2010.

It all started at the lingerie campaign hosted by Micisty that first inspired Christine Chong, the founder Of Mcluxes. Christine has worked very hard to create a clothing brand with a vision of uncompromising quality and comfort. Her dedication of quality came within her diagnostic of malignant rumour in which has changed her perception of life since. The character of Mcluxes has deepened since her life changing experience and taking care of the body, mind and soul are the only priorities in life.


The Mcluxes ladies would add them to their wardrobe collection not only for its function and needs but mainly for the charm and confidence it would bring out from the inner self! it is our belief that we shouldn’t be stuck in the era of old traditional lingerie, but be more vibrant and provocative with it!

Lingerie represents our feminine power entertaining ourselves and our partner in those special moments, and ladies can be classy and shine from the inside.



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Est. 2019

Our Story

Brand Concept

Many friends have appreciated the MCLUXES brand since its inception because of its colorful, comfy fabrics and attractive apparel. M stands for Mind, C stands for Clean, which signifies a clear mind, and LUXE refers for excellent quality. The MCLUXES brand has always focused on designing its own clothing styles, insisting on strict selection of environmentally friendly fabrics and reducing earth pollution; always adhering to the brand standard of “practical, comfortable, environmentally friendly, and fashionable,” and respecting the brand concept of “making sports more fashionable and making women more confident,” dedicated to realizing the brand vision of “letting all people see sports in a light way.” The MCLUXES brand insists on creating products with conscience, conveying health with quality, displaying personality with design, never losing sight of the original intention, adhering to the brand concept, only for more comfortable, fashionable, and high-quality sportswear, and attracting female friends with colors and styles, encourages women to pay more attention to their health and care for themselves.

Our Future


It is our pleasure to be able to care for and empower ladies around the world through the creation of Mcluxes

From the everyday to the extraordinary, Mcluxes believe in producing a good product to equip your journey

Say goodbye to boredom and monotony, focus on health, fall in love with sports, and begin with me, begin with MCLUXES!



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